Gluten Free Shopping List

Gluten Free Shopping List

Produce such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat fish and poultry. Eggs. Beverages that are 100% fruit juice, coffee, tea,
soft drinks. Vegetable, canola and olive oil. Dairy such as unflavored milk, creme cheese, aged cheese, butter, margarine, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream. Most frozen ice cream and sherbet. Snacks such as potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, rice crackers, nuts and seeds, jello. Canned Tuna, dried beans, lentils, peas and most canned baked beans. Cereals such as cream of rice, grits, puffed rice, plain brown or white rice, corn tacos. Condiments such as Jam and jellies, honey, peanut butter, corn or potato starch, sugar, spices and herbs,. Please read all ingredients despite the suggestions above of anything you purchase and ask questions if unsure of an ingredient.


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