Gastric Emptying, Whey vs Casein

Gastric Emptying, Whey vs Casein

This study shows that whey empties faster than casein. There are many implications to this in everyday life, in all age groups and in all conditions. Ask me about them.

For example, if your newborn baby spits up alot, a whey formula empties from the stomach faster, and improves emptying- thus reducing the number of episodes of reflux. Cow’s milk is 80% curds or casein, and 20% whey. When the make cheese from milk and they stir it until the curds precipitate. They keep the curds and empty out the whey. Most cheeses are 100% casein. This would be a bad choice of food to eat right before laying down to go to bed, knowing that it will take over three hours to empty from your stomach—–and perhaps contribute to nighttime reflux. Milk doesnt contain gluten- as is acceptable as part of a celiac or gluten free diet. Most cows milk is fortified with Vitamin A and D, but is low in iron and should not be used in infants under a year of age.


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