Protein in your diet

Protein in your diet


Vary your protein choices

Choose seafood twice a week instead of meat or poultry

Seafood high oils and low in mercury as salmon, trout and herring.

Choose meat and poultry that are lean or low fat.
Trim the fat around the meat and remove poultry skin before eating

Eat more beans and peas (kidney beans, black beans, split peas, chickpeas) soy products, nuts and seeds. They are low in saturated fat and high in fiber

Choose nuts and seeds as a snack and on salads or in main dishes to replace meat or poultry.

Keep it tasty and healthy by grilling, broiling, roasting or baking since they don’t add extra fat.

Make a healthy sandwich with turkey, roast beef, tuna, salmon or peanut butter. Many deli meats such as bologna and salami are high in fat and sodium- so use them rarely.

Think small portions when it comes to meat. Make a smaller burger or a steak the size of a deck of cards ( 3 ounces is one portion)

Check the sodium- sodium is added to many processed meats such as ham, sausage and hot dogs.


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