Moderation, variety and Balance

I agree with a recent column I read. Fads come and go. What we learn about nutrition changes. Moderation in eating with a variety of foods is a good start to healthy eating habits. When you eat a variety of foods, including, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, protein, and dairy products, you receive a balance of nutrients that each one contributes to the whole of the meal plan. The word diet may give the impression of restriction of what you need to eat, to lose weight and be healthier. Lifestyle choices is another way to look at what you eat and the choices you make to enhance your energy and mood. I once saw a patient who was vitamin A deficient because all he ate was potato chips and chicken nuggets. He nearly went blind and was diagnosed as a vitamin A deficiency. He was overweight from the fat and you never would have recognized the deficiency if he was not having visual problems. A balanced nutritional plan with variety and balance is essential to good health and to preventing diseases associated with deficiencies in our diet.


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