Kids want to feel in control of their lives.
Attemps to control food intake is a means of exerting control over whatever aspect of their lives they can control.
Sometimes just changing the way a food is presented makes it a different experience for a child and a happier one for the parent
It may take 10 or more tries to introduce a new food to a child.
Lead by example- when a child sees a parent trying new foods, it creates a positive impression and the child will be more open to eat new foods
Let your child choose between two things he never had before, this way it becomes about what he wants, not about what you want him to try
Make it entertaining- turn a banana into a funny face,
Choose new colors- like a red apple
Try new legumes like( chickpeas- falafel) with a yogurt sauce.
Be patient- Forget food fights. Your child may meet your insistence to try new foods with equal resistance.
Not making a big deal out of food will work well for both of you down the road/


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