My salad

My salad

Who is happy?
He who is content with what he has in life

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Good thoughts bear good brain chemicals and the feeling of happiness.

even in weight loss, if accepting a slight, less than perfection, you can move on past your issue and still achieve your short and long term goals.

For example, I gained over 10 pounds this last six to eight weeks. Even as a nutrition physician, I struggle with portion control and keeping active. Yesterday a overweight ( by 100 pounds) patient came to see me. I drew a larger than life chart of my weight starting at 188 pounds. She and I are on a weight loss journey together. With fourth of July coming up, eating in moderation with a variety and balance of foods will be important. I will weigh in each week and report here my progress. I am asking my patient to track her food so that she will be aware of what she is eating.
Yesterday, for dinner I had the salad you see here, chicken, spinach, avocado, mixed greens, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I shared it with someone else and had a fresh fruit serving for dessert. I did not eat late at night- which is where I usually gain the weight. I will be on the look out for what triggers/stressors lead to my overeating late at night habit.

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