Why do I gain weight as I age ?

Many people in their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties may eat the same the did 15 years ago and even diet and gain weight but do not understand why they gain weight. They may even be active and lead active lives. As you age, your muscles use less calories than they did at a younger age. If you ate 2000 calories a day from age 40 -55, you might gain weight at age 50 more so than age 40.It is important to maintain a healthy weight as you get older since a poor diet and overweight could limit you ability to walk, shop, and perform physical activity and activities of daily living.

By eating more fruits vegetables and whole grains, you may get to a healthier weight and improve the quality of your life regardless of your age.  If you lose a little weight, you may feel more able to get out of the chair and go for a walk.

Eating nutrient rich foods are important in order to take in the vitamins, minerals that your body needs. You do not have to diet achieve an ideal weight and get the nutrients you need.

Losing 5-10% of of your body weight can be beneficial to reducing your blood pressure, and adult onset diabetes.  The US department of agriculture recommends filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruits and 1/4 of your plate as grains ( whole grains if possible).

Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables with different colors, nutrients and textures. As you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you may find that you are cutting out empty calorie foods and foods that are low in nutrients such as high sugar containing drinks.


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