Allergies can produce nausea

Today a 9 year old boy with seasonal allergies presented with a 2-3 month history of not wanting to eat in the morning. He feels nausea upon awakening. During the allergy season, when sneezing and symptomatic, he improves on antihistamines but doesnt take them regularly. He tolerates all his lunch and dinner meals and has a well rounded diet.
He is allergic to ragweed and grass by allergy testing and has to shower daily to get pollen and grass allergens off his body.
It seems to me- that he is having a post nasal drip with possible reflux at night that could be causing his symptoms. I plan on doing some more allergy testing including other food and environmental allergy testing. This is an interesting presentation because we tend to think of environmental allergies mostly in the spring and fall and forget that grasses are with us all summer long. Allergy to grasses can present as in this case and should be a consideration.


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