Resistance to change in LIfestyle- Obesity- Inactivity- Diet

a late in her 50 year old woman came to see me today for her third visit. She has diabetes, hypertension, low thyroid, and is severely overweight by 150 pounds. She lost 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks by walking while out of town. When I suggested she continue to try to walk 20 minutes a day, I met with resistance. When I reviewed her food journal, it showed cake, and potatoes with butter, and cookies and other less than optimal food choices for an overweight diabetic. She told me flat out, she considers our present program a diet and when its over, she will return to her regular eating habits. It was difficult for me to explain to her, that lifestyle changes, even small ones in diet and activity, should not be temporary but ongoing. If its seen as deprivation, its bound to fail or run out of wind. 


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