Weight loss, Activity, Portion Control , diabetes, hypertension of 2013


Chickennugget (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are some of the reasons people overeat?

Loneliness, boredom, stress, happy, sad-emotions.

Food is free, Lack of knowledge of nutrition.

Today I saw a 14 year old overweight patient. For breakfast she has McGriddle with pancakes, scrambled eggs and cheese, hash brown and orange juice. How long would it take to make 2 ounces of cereal with a fresh fruit for breakfast. It would save her 300-400 calories a day.

Over the summer- she was in camp where she played basketball, and was swimming daily. She initially lost 4 pounds in the month of July but gained the weight back when she stopped her activity.

Activity and portion control are both key parts to weight loss and preservation of muscle.

It seems that some people think that chicken nuggets with fries and soda is an example of good nutrition. Most nuggets are 50% fat. Sodas are empty calories of sugar with no nutritional value.

Some of my patients have more than 5 meals a week eaten out. Portion sizes are double in calories and high in salt and fat in many restaurants. How do we begin to teach families to make better choices before they become obese, have high blood pressure and diabetes?


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