Sugar, Salt and Fat – How to lessen them in your diet.

Too much processed sugar – and weight gain can lead to diabetes

Too much salt can lead to hypertension and heart disease

Too much fat can lead to overweight and obesity and diabetes

How do we minimize our cravings for salt, sugar and fat?

Roast your vegetables to bring out their natural sweetness

Use herbs like parsley dill, basil and oregano to add flavor and nutrients to your food without adding salt or sugar

Use healthy fats such as avocado – to make foods creamier and tastier

Try cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla bean  to your meals to excite your taste buds and feel more satisfied

Combine your complex carbohydrate with a protein and a healthy fat to keep your glucose load down and put less strain on your pancreas. Example- apple- or banana with some almonds or walnuts.

Eat regularly and dont skip meals so that your blood sugar levels are stable and you don’t crave a whole box of processed sugar cookies or cakes.

If you want a treat that is processed- ( which I would try and avoid) go for the 100 calorie treats and eat in moderation – a treat means- once in a while- not daily.

Final Suggestions- Try to plan meals in advance that incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with minimal processed foods. For example- I prepare for the week for breakfast in advance- a combo of steel cut oats, quinoa, brown rice. I serve myself one cup for breakfast with a fresh fruit. When prepared in advance in the fridge- it takes less than 1 minute to reheat and heat.

Try to have fresh fruit at work and nuts ( unsalted) to snack on throughout the day to ward off salt, sugar and fat cravings.


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