Nutrition in Athletes and Doctors

Today I performed a body composition analysis on a 17 year old swimmer on her high school swim team. She practices 2 hours a day swimming. Her weight is 145 lbs and her height is 5ft 9 and a half of an inch. Her calculated energy requirements were 1524 calories at rest, and 3353 calories when active. She had 72.9 percent muscle mass and 27% body fat which are excellent for age and for a swimming athlete.
My numbers revealed a 55 year old mildly active physician who is 5ft 6 inches tall and weighed in at 195 pounds. I was 76.1% muscle and 24% fat. My resting energy calories (1744 calories) proved to be higher than the younger athlete (1524) because men generally have more muscle and less fat than women.
Activity is important in a weight loss program. You can see by these numbers that being active for two hours daily- uses up at least an additional 1800 calories a day.
While it may be difficult for the average person to be that active, the point is—that activity does help in burning extra calories, and maintaining muscle mass.
Only muscle burn calories- fat doesn’t.
Also- activity- helps produce endorphins and encephalons which are feel good chemicals that help to ward off depression.
exercise and activity also helps to increase the sensitivity to insulin. Along with weight loss, exercise may help to reverse diabetes in those who have adult onset diabetes associated with overweight.
Exercise is also a great way to deal with stress.


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