Holiday Party December 3, 2013

Yesterday was the grand lavish holiday party with the cocktail hour. The choices included a sushi bar, carving stations of pastrami, corned beef, kielbasa, roast beef. There was a station for hot dogs and hamburgers, and a station of fried potato pancakes. I focused on the sushi and had Chilean sea bass sushi ( 2 pieces) as well as many other seafood sushi choices. I didn’t have any sushi tempura. The roast beef ( 1-2 ounces) was delicious and well worth the taste. As part of the main course, we had a salad with tuna sushi- I donated my tuna to Steve and his wife. I did however eat the capon ( without the stuffing). The mashed potatoes and carrots were delicious. I left before dessert came. I tried to practice what I preach, which is portion control. Having met some people I had known from 20-30 years ago at the party, I was able to focus on them and their careers and less on the food as I had alluded to in yesterdays blog.


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