Over fed and Under Nourished Part I

I agree with that many of us eat because of what is eating us. I also agree that eating more fruits and vegetables would be higher in nutrients than eating white flour, sugar and processed foods


As a Fitness Leader who is incredibly passionate about what I do, I have found that nutrition is still an enormous barrier for people who are looking to improve their health and performance.  We have become a society that is perpetually over fed in calories and severely under nourished with nutrients.  In the human body, we require certain amount of micronutrients to be our healthiest.  This not only allows healthy cell production on every level, but also gives us abundant amounts of energy!  When a persons body is receiving what it needs to thrive, you can’t help but notice.  Their skin glows with vibrant colour, they have tremendous energy all of the time, they have shiny hair, clear white eyes and generally are smiling more often because they feel great.  This all happens because they are healthier than their over fed, under nourished counterparts.  How often have you just been…

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