Your financial Health and credit or debit card fraud

I was checking my business account today and noticed a debit that said chkcardMSFT online for 59.39  I havent bought anything online and called wells fargo immediately. They advised me to close that debit card immediately which I did. The claim person asked me if I bought anything from microsoft and I told her no. I also told her it doesnt say MICROSOFT, it says MSFT- so it can easily be confused or thought to be microsoft. I did recently buy a new computer and cables and some teaching sessions at microsoft store but havent purchased anything from microsoft or msft online.  I also left my laptop there at the store for them to install office 365. Anyone who is creative could use MSFT as an abbreviation to lead the account holder to think they bought something online that they didnt.

Check your accounts and report fraudulent activity right away. Keep your finances in the same good health you do with your diet and other activities.


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