Weight, habits, lifestyle, medications

This week I had a challenge from someone trying to lose weight who stays up till 2 am and needs medication to fall asleep. They then get up at 5am and dont eat until bedtime ( Is that really possible). This person claimed to have gained 60 pounds and wants to lose it as well. She admits to poor choices such as adding butter to foods and eating fried foods. As a result of late night eating, she has reflux and is on medication for that. She doesnt have the time to cook or prepare her meals. She feels lightheaded during the day and eats processed foods, fast foods before bedtime.

She also goes out to eat at least twice a week and drinks alcohol when going out to eat- more than one serving.

Lifestyle changes- that are small and acceptable coupled with portion control are important.

My first suggestion was not to skip breakfast, its important to have a healthy complex carbohydrate in the form of a fresh fruit- coupled with a complete protein such as a serving of dairy- or a ounce of nuts. This starts the metabolism going and sustains blood sugar till the next meal- 

The next meal should be similar to the first- it can contain two fruits for added carbohydrates. You dont want simple sugars and processed foods ( cakes, cookies etc) because of the highs and lows associated with their intake- especially without any protein and fiber in the diet, to slow down the absorption of the sugar.

Eating before bed- is never a good idea, it should be at least two hours before and should be less food. Especially try to decrease the intake of fried and fat foods before dinner- as they also delay stomach emptying and contribute to reflux as well as weight gain.

In and ideal situation- we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper.


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