Fructose and Weight gain.

Fructose and High fructose corn syrup DO CONTRIBUTE TO WEIGHT GAIN.
The amount of sugar from a single can of COKE and BEER are metabolically the same
That is why we see BEER BELLYS and OBESITY in children

Table sugar- sucrose- is half fructose and half glucose. The fructose in it doesnt tell the brain satiety center to feel full, so when we take excess sugar especially fructose in our diet, we dont feel full. That is why high fructose corn syrup drinks- dont satisfy us

In addition- many caffeinate beverages with fructose or high fructose corn syrup, have salt as well. The caffeine dehydrates you and the salt makes you thirsty, while the fructose doesnt make you feel full and you want more to drink.

In the body, fructose also contributes to gout by the production of uric acid.

Eating a diet with natural fresh fruits and vegetables has fiber- which increases the movement of the sugars throughout the intestinal tract and also slows down the absorption of sugars.

High sugar absorption in drinks without fiber- like apple juice, pomegranate juice, orange juice- lead to high insulin levels and insulin causes the deposition of fat in the body. Many of these drinks with processed ( although natural) sugars- contain glucose, to raise the insulin and lay down fat, and fructose which doesnt give you the sense of fullness and leaves you wanting more.

Fiber in your diet- will make you feel fuller. One glass of orange juice- about 29 grams of sugar- takes about 5 oranges to make one glass. Which would make you feel fuller? One glass of orange juice or 5 oranges?

For weight loss- you are better eating the natural fruit and vegetable( vegetables are low in sugar)

For Diabetes- the natural fruit and vegetable will have less of an impact on your blood sugar than the sugar drink.

For irritable bowel- a high fiber meal- from fresh fruits and vegetables may prevent cramping, constipation and diarrhea. Soluble fiber for diarrhea, and insoluble fiber for constipation


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