Iron Problems seen in an office in Monmouth, NJ by a Nutrition Physician

A teenage girl came to see me- for fatigue and a food eating disorder. I ordered an iron profile and learned that she had an elevated iron in her blood. Her family history is such that they have a condition called hemochromatosis, where Iron may be deposited in excess in the liver and other organs of the body. At this time, she is not having symptoms related to this possible underlying condition, however, I did order a DNA test of her genes to see if she contains the gene for this condition. She was taken off iron supplementation for menses, since her iron is above normal in the blood- indicating she doesn’t need supplemental iron. She was also taken off a multivitamin containing iron- since she didn’t need the excess iron. 

We will follow her iron levels and her red blood cell counts and liver enzymes to make sure she doesn’t continue to have an overload of iron in her blood or certain tissues- such as her liver. 


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