Vitamin D Deficiency


Today someone asked me how to know if someone is deficient in Vitamin D before they have symptoms.

The best way to tell is by a lab test.

Vitamin D is in many foods we eat and we convert D to D2 from exposure to sunlight. With shorter days and less exposure this may be a problem.

Sypmtoms of D deficiency include sleep problems, fatigue and low energy levels


With people spending less time outdoors as the days get shorter, Vitamin D deficiency is more of a concern since sunlight is one of the ways that we get vitamin d thru the skins exposure to sun.

The daily recommendation for adults is at least 400 Units of D3 and 1200 mg of.calciumimages[7]

If you have any of the above symptoms- such as fatigue, low energy, depression, muscle weakness and sleep problems, ask your doctor to be tested.


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