Our obesity epidemic



Recently I had a difficult middle aged woman who weighed over 350 pounds come to me for weight loss advice. She also had a history of multiple miscarriages. The blood work that we did revealed she was diabetic in addition to her sleep apnea and other conditions.

At the prior visit I had made some healthy suggestions, none of which she was able to follow thru on. She admittedly had a danish with coffee and creamer with sugar for breakfast and either skipped lunch or ate on the run – while making poor choices.

For dinner tonight she was making 5 pork chops with cabbage for her and her husband to share.

I attempted to plan out a meal plan for her but met with resistance at every turn. I was however, able to lend insight into her miscarriages. She had a gene defect that leads to a problem with metabolizing  folic acid. I gave her recommendations on a geneticist to see for further evaluation into her folic acid problem,

I hope and pray she follows through with that as well as the endocrinologist who can help her with her new onset diabetes. Losing 10% of your present body weight (35 pounds) would be enough to reverse the diabetes.

Being active- such as walking also helps with reducing the resistance to insulin.

While it might seem a long road to travel, many have done it and I hope she does too.


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