Diabetic at 37

This week I saw a new onset of type one Diabetes in a 37 year old otherwise healthy for height and weight male. His sister also became diabetic at the same age. I felt bad for him, having to count carbs and give himself shots of insulin.

Kudos for him, thanks to apps, and his diligence, he is documenting all he eats, and how much insulin he takes and his blood sugars. He is doing a wonderful job and off to a good start. Thats an example of technology to our advantage

I was able to tell him how many calories he needed in a day and to break them down into 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% as carbs with emphasis on complex carbs and high fiber instead of simple sugars

High fiber slows down the absorption of glucose and helps regulate blood sugar better. It may decrease his need for insulin in the long run.


1 thought on “Diabetic at 37

  1. It’s heartbreaking to watch happen to someone, isn’t it? I was just recently diagnosed with type II at 32. Healthy weight (5’5″, 135 at that time) and partially-sedentary lifestyle. I didn’t realize how dangerous sugar was until I was in DKA 😦 I hope to be able to reverse my insulin resistance with diet and activity without losing TOO much weight; I’m already down to 117 now as a result of eating less sugar/carbs, high fat. Hopefully I can maintain this weight because I’ve already had to empty my closet of old clothes…

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