Vitamin D and breastfeeding

I was asked on healthtap why newborns are given trivisol drops which contain Vitamins A, C, and D. Breastfeeding babies milk is low in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium and build strong bones. Breastmilk is therefore supplemented with Vitamin D to assure the newborn with build strong bones and grow well.


Shop right for your baby

According to the Center for disease control, Breast milk or formula will meet all your baby’s nutritional needs for the first six months. Then, as you start to add solid foods to the diet you can continue breast or formula combined with age appropriate meat, cereal, vegetables, fruit, eggs and fish.

Homemade food is usually cheaper and you have control over the ingredients where as store bought food is more convenient.

It might be time consuming and less convenient to prepare homemade food but it doesnt have the added sugar and salt sometimes added to store bought foods.

Safe shopping tips:

Buy and use products before the “use by” date

Be sure the vacuum seal on the jar lid is intact

Dont buy jars with rusty, bent or dented lids

High Triglycerides

Below 159 is a normal level of triglycerides. What happens if your level is between 200-400.
First try to decrease your intake of sweets, candies, pies and cakes since they can contribute to high triglycerides

Increase your intake of omega three fish oils from salmon, herring, mackerel and tuna

Exercise burns triglycerides, so increase your activity

Decrease refined carbohydrates such as white flour and white rice and increase your intake of brown rice, 7 grain breads, whole wheat pasta

Maintain a healthy weight- a modest weight loss can reduce your triglycerides.

Eat low in saturated fats (animal fats) and low in fried foods.

Avoid trans fatty acids and hidden fats such as luncheon meats, hot dogs

eat more plant foods such as dried beans, peas,

Super overweight

Recently I saw an 11 year old boy who was 100 pounds overweight for his age. Besides getting a school lunch, he eats when he gets home from school, and eats right through playtime and dinner. Mom goes to work at 6pm so he stays indoors supervised by grandmother. He was referred to me because of overweight and high cholesterol.

In the office, upon questioning the mom, she said she was powerless to control his eating habits. He sneaks food when no one is around. He is not physically active.

When I suggested he not eat before dinner and go outside to play, he became visibly upset. He cried when it came time to examine him because of his large breasts which he did not want me to look at.

In the end, I suggested to mom to start with small changes. For example, no fruit juicesat school or home. He is eating enough that he doesnt need the sugar drink they offer at school. They are empty calories.

Mom will try to keep him outdoors now that the weather is nicer.