A  teenage patient of mine was diagnosed as having THC ( marijuana metabolite) in his serum. Mom had asked for me to do drug testing on him. I recall at the last office visit, he looked out of it. He also has attention defecit. There is an increased use in adolescents with ADD.  His use of Marijuana has resulted in poorer grades with difficulty concentrating. The patient also reported that he cant go to bed until 3 in the morning and that he is not getting enough sleep.

Consequences of Marijuana Abuse include:

Acute (present during intoxication)

  • Impairs short-term memory
  • Impairs attention, judgment, and other cognitive functions
  • Impairs coordination and balance
  • Increases heart rate
  • Psychotic episodes

Persistent (lasting longer than intoxication, but may not be permanent)

  • Impairs memory and learning skills
  • Sleep impairment

Long-term (cumulative effects of chronic abuse)

  • Can lead to addiction
  • Increases risk of chronic cough, bronchitis
  • Increases risk of schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals
  • May increase risk of anxiety, depression, and amotivational syndrome*

Are you a HOARDER?


Are you a HOARDER?

Is there a difference between addictions? If you are a hoarder, a sex addict, a drug addict, a food addict, a gambler, does the category matter? Are all addictions related? When you give up one addiction do you substitute another? How does one overcome an addiction?