Meal on a Plane

It was dinner time on a British Airways flight from London to New York. As the flight attendant moved down the plane, she asked one of the passengers: “Would you like dinner?” “What are my choices?” asked the passenger. “Yes or No,” replied the attendant
You can get peanuts and a beverage these days if you are lucky.

Peanuts are not a bad choice as long as you do not have mold problems or peanut allergies.

Peanuts contain a mold toxin and can be one of the reasons for peanut intolerances.

Almost anything you order is almost guaranteed to be high in salt in order to give it taste.

I wonder if they offer a heart healthy meal plan,

I know many airlines order kosher meals and vegetarian meals.

What about a meal that is just fresh fruits and vegetables- you may not want bread or a roll if you are gluten sensitive.

I think the solution is bring your own food.

Prepare ahead of time and be prepared. I dont think they serve organic food.

I know they do not cater to picky eaters- nor do they give probiotics

They will supply the beverages.

One thing for sure, you should have a lesser risk of getting exposed to Lyme disease on the plane than on the ground.

Bon Voyage


This is not a dress rehearsal

The judge frowned at the tired robber and said, “then you admit breaking into the same store on three successive nights?” ”Yes, your honor.”

“And why was that?” “Because my wife wanted a dress.”

The judge check with his records, “But it says here you broke in three nights in a row!”

“Yes sir. She made me exchange it two times.”

Lyme disease and KatieCouric Show, Lyme belly ache, colitis, abdominal pain

Many people dont know that Lyme and its coinfections can have stomach and intestinal manifestations even though research and articles have been published- This often leads to misdiagnosis. See http:// for links, videos and downloadable research studies on stomach and intestinal lyme
Today- Katie Couric did a section on Lyme disease, very informative- however, less than 50% of the infected people have the bullseye rash or a positive blood test.
Lyme can mimic Crohn’s disease, colitis, and other intestinal disease. It and its coinfections such as mycoplasma and bartonella can cause a rash that resembles stretch marks

Lyme Disease Symptoms


This is a one minute presentation on some of the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease. Dr Martin Fried has done original research on Gastrointestinal Lyme and other tic infections.