The color of your bowel movement


The color of your bowel movement can be a clue to an intestinal bleed, blockage or rate of flow of intestinal contents as outlined in this video.


Tired? Weak? You may be Anemic due to Iron Deficiency


Tired? Weak? You may be Anemic due to Iron Deficiency

Good sources of Iron to improve Iron deficiency anemia include 3 oz serving of beef or calf liver, 3oz serving of beef, clams, mussels and dark chicken or turkey. Woman who are still having their periods are at risk for iron deficiency anemia due to monthly blood loss and loss of iron. On average there is about 3.5 mg of Iron per serving. My next blog will talk about vegetable sources of iron for people who don’t eat meat or seafood. Iron loss also occurs due to malabsorption in the gastrointestinal tract as seen in celiac disease and Crohn.s disease and with blood loss due to colitis