Lyme disease according to WEB MD

The information in this slide show is way too basic. It makes it sound like Lyme disease is a diagnosis based on a lab test to confirm your suspicion. This is not true. Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms even in the absence of a bullseye rash. Unfortunately many of the ELISA And WESTERN BLOT tests are accurate if 50% at best and a negative test does not exclude the disease.

Also the slide show neglects to mention that the ticks are now carrying other infections such as Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Erhlichia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Anaplasma and Babesia. It complicates the clinical picture because there are multiple organisms involved.

Just testing for lyme disease is a big mistake because you may be missing all these other serious infections.


Lyme disease and KatieCouric Show, Lyme belly ache, colitis, abdominal pain

Many people dont know that Lyme and its coinfections can have stomach and intestinal manifestations even though research and articles have been published- This often leads to misdiagnosis. See http:// for links, videos and downloadable research studies on stomach and intestinal lyme
Today- Katie Couric did a section on Lyme disease, very informative- however, less than 50% of the infected people have the bullseye rash or a positive blood test.
Lyme can mimic Crohn’s disease, colitis, and other intestinal disease. It and its coinfections such as mycoplasma and bartonella can cause a rash that resembles stretch marks