What is good humor?

Good humor is a tonic for the mind and body

It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression

It is a business asset

It attracts and keeps friends

It lightens human burdens

It is a direct route to serenity and contentment

It is a type of ice cream sold by a man who goes around in a truck who plays that annoying music that I would like to silence.



Count your blessings and not your worries

This week a close friend of mine lost his sister to pancreatic cancer. She smoked all her life ( of which pancreatic cancer is related). She was a wonderful person, a hard worker, a good wife and a good mother. She received chemotherapy for her cancer and it supposedly shrunk, however, she also suffered from vertebral factures and severe unremitting back pain and was confined to the bed and unable to walk or even get up. She was cared for by her family and friends at home and had the dignity of dying in her own home with her brother holding her hand at the end.

For those above ground, what ever difficulties in life you have– they can be dealt with—- Count your blessings and not your worries. Your worries wont last forever,