Quinoa, oats, barley and flax seed with stewed prunes

I decided to follow my own recipe for what I would consider a healthy breakfast cereal with protein, carbs and good fat. So I added quinoa for protein, steel cut oats and barley for healthy carbs, and stewed the prunes- for fruit with flax seeds as a healthy omega three oil. It boiled, and then I stored it in containers to have for breakfast for the week. Preparation in diet is important to health and maintenance of weight. It takes the guess work out of eating. I most likely will have this cereal with an additional fresh fruit such as blueberries or a banana. Bananas contain tyrosine- which gets converted to the feel good chemical Dopamine. We can all get off on a good start with healthy food- making a healthy chemicals in the brain, that make us feel good.


High Fiber low fat TUNA salad


High Fiber low fat TUNA salad

2 cans ( 7 oz ) solid white tuna,
1/2 onion sliced
2 stalks celery sliced
1/2 can vegetarian beans
mayo to taste ( very little needed)
Combine all ingredients in bowl, smash in the beans to the tuna, then add the mayo, onions and celery. Garnish with cherry tomatoes and fresh broccoli.