Portion Control and convenience for you and your kids


Portion Control and convenience for you and your kids

Hummus ( chickpeas and sesame seeds) comes in 2 ounce single cups ( four cups in a package) This is an example of portion control and convenience shopping. Add a slice of bread and you have a complete protein, a complex carbohydrate. The hummus is low in sodium, saturated fat and should be considered as a part of a healthy eating pattern. It adds variety to diet, in moderation, with good balance of nutrients.


Dr Martin Fried, Healthy eating suggestions


Dr Martin Fried discusses healthy eating suggestions, such as 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, omega 3 fish oils, eating slowly over twenty minutes to avoid over eating. Dr Martin Fried is a Board Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist in Ocean township, NJ Call 732-682-3425 for an appointment and let all your days be healthier