Are you AWARE how PORTIONS have GROWN?


Are you AWARE how PORTIONS have GROWN?

Just look at this comparison of the size of a cookie from 20 years ago to today, Portion sizes have grown without us being aware. This is a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in America. Be aware of Portion sizes:
One Serving of grains= 1/2 cup pasta or rice
one serving peanut butter= two level tablespoons
one serving meat= 3 oz= deck of cards
one serving beans= 1/2 cup
one serving fruit juice is 6 OZ NOT 8 OZ
one serving cheese= 1 oz= 2 small dice


Overlooked sources of Gluten


Overlooked sources of Gluten

beers and lagers, breading, coating mix, communion wafers, croutons, candy, luncheon meats, broth, pasta, sauces, soup base, stuffing, soy sauce, marinades, prescription medicine and supplements, over the counter medicine, lipstick, gloss and balms