Withholding of stool

Yesterday I saw a 4 year old boy who is not potty trained. Mom is having problems because he holds his stool and refuses to let go. After taking a detailed history and a physical exam it was determined he had a hard collection of stool in his rectal area that he would not be able to pass on his own. His problem was a physical one and can become an emotional one if not treated. Mom was given advise and will be coming back in 2-3 days to monitor his progress. Dietary advice was given as well. Many people are not aware of the constipating effects of milk and cheese. These products are CASEIN predominant. Casein as you will remember from Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her CURDs and whey. Casein curdles in the stomach to form balls of protein which slow down digestion. There also is no fiber in casein to help with a soft formed stool.
Casein also gets converted into alpha caseomorphine- which is similar to morphine the narcotic and slows down the entire intestinal tract, also contributing to constipation.
One of the first things I tell parents of children with constipation, is to limit the intake of milk and dairy products. We don’t see adult cows drinking milk, do we?
So, children and adults really don’t need milk. They can get their calcium and vitamin D from other sources. Milk in moderation if not allergic or sensitive to the cow protein is fine, but if youre constipated, one should rethink how much milk and cheese is in your diet and perhaps cut back.
For more nutritional information on constipation http://www.thedoctorsvideos.com/video/8828/Constipation-and-Fiber