GMO, Pesticides, Obesity, Calorie counting, Food Labeling etc

The hot topic now is nutritional labeling. Michelle Obama is concerned about obesity. That is her mission as first lady. Others are concerned about GMO- genetically modified foods, pesticides, and labeling showing those ingredients. I think BOTH should be part of labeling. Why include one and not the other. We have a right to know about everything that is in our foods.

This brings up another issue- When you eat out to eat, whether its a fast food chain or a favorite restaurant. Do you REALLY know what is in the food you eat. Many celiac patients feel they order gluten free ingredients, yet cross contamination at restaurants can cause some of their symptoms to persist.

Be your own advocate- get all the information- ask questions.

When you buy fresh produce- organic or not- Do you know what you are getting.

With all the chemicals and pesticides out there, and genetically modified foods, and artificial ingredients. We need to be better informed consumers before we make our health decisions.

We need sugar labeling and amount of simple sugars on the labels so people who are diabetic or are trying to avoid diabetes can also make informed decisions

We also need fiber labeling- so people can choose high fiber diets and decrease the risk of colon cancer.