Sports Nutrition and the Athlete

My intern who is a swimmer athlete eats for breakfast whole wheat bread with peanut butter

For lunch she has a sandwich such as turkey, with lettuce, cheese on whole wheat bread. Her dessert is an apple.

After school she wont eat anything heavy if she has a practice at 3 pm. However, if she has a later practice- she will eat:

salad with dressing, Greek yogurt.

After practice she had chocolate milk and dinner which comprised pasta with tomato sauce.

The above illustrates good eating habits for the following reasons:

Her diet is high in carbohydrates early in the day which she needs for energy to swim.

She is getting good sources of protein from nuts, meat and cheese which represent a good variety.

After exercise, she is replenishing her protein and energy stores.

The athlete such as her should have a diet of 20% protein, 60% complex carbohydrates and 20% as fat.

In between swimming sessions is described as a challenge because often she is at meets in places that are not at home. Choosing foods that are optimal for energy and performance requires planning and effort.