Fall seven times get up eight

Yesterday at weight watchers, I missed my goal weight by 0.6 pounds. I was above the goal weight and as a life time member, I had to pay $14. Never give up on your weight loss journey. Prevention and weight control are important ways to save on health care, prevent diabetes, prevent hip problems, back problems, gallbladder disease and coronary artery disease. I have been a member for over 10 years.  It helps me to be responsible and accountable for my eating habits. I have also learned not to let one indulgence or indiscretion run into a downward spiral of overeating. You can have most foods in moderation is what I try to teach in my practice. Just as each person is an individual with individual genetic makeup, so is each persons diet. How a person carries out the dietary recommendations also needs to be tailor made to the individual person.